Call for Papers

Submissions for talks and workshops closed midnight of April 29! But you can still run a side activity if you’d like.

The (un)conference format

Out in the wilderness, CampJS is a very laid back atmosphere and is a great opportunity for first time speakers!

This time around we are having two main tracks:

Featured speakers (this is you!) with time scheduled for unstructured lightning talks
Workshops & non-tech activities
Longer-form learning opportunities for beginners or advanced campers.

Attendees will have the opportunity to choose between talks or workshops. Where possible we will align related talks and workshops so attendees can do both, and put speakers in touch with workshop organizers to collaborate when it makes sense.

Run a side-activity

We’re always looking for people to run activities on the side.

If you have a hobby you want to bring to camp (think bushwalking, drone flying, knitting, music) let us know:

  1. Create an issue letting us know what your activity is
  2. Let us know how much time you’re willing to set aside for it on the weekend (a couple of hours, a full day etc) and we’ll add it to the schedule
  3. Don’t forget to include some info about what your activity will be like, and what campers need to bring

Please note that side-activities are intended to be a bit of fun, so you’ll still need to buy a ticket and get yourself to camp. If there are resources or materials required we may be able to help cover costs on a case-by-case basis.

How talks are chosen

This year we will have fewer talks and have a commitment to improving diversity in our speakers.

To achieve this our process for chosing speakers and workshops is as follows:

  1. Submissions are received by the due date
  2. Submissions are anonymised
  3. Talks are reviewed, shortlisted, and voted on by our team of organisers based on the value added to the community (relevance, clarity, originality, whimsy)
  4. Submissions are de-anonymised and the final schedule is chosen
  5. Speakers are notified at this time (regardless of the outcome)

We’re very keen to help speakers out as part of this process. If you want feedback on your submission, please let us know and we will get back to you with any critique and feedback.

Code of conduct

By applying to participate you agree to follow the conference Code of Conduct. We are committed to providing a harassment-free, professional and welcoming environment for all attendees.

Speakers should pay particular attention and avoid using visuals, audio or language that may potentially be considered offensive or harmful.

Please ensure you understand the Code of Conduct before submitting your proposal.

Past talks/workshops

Check out the talks from some of our past events

More info

For more info, you can contact one of our organisers or tweet us at @campjs.